Can you draw me or my character? 🙂 

I get this question several times a week and usually it’s a question if I paint for free. I work a part time job while trying to start a business which means I have limited time on my hands and I have to be picky with where I put the few hours I have each day. I might take requests but it’s within very limited frames.

Because I need to be able to use the things I paint for free in my portfolio and other commercial uses I do not take portrait requests from underage people. If it’s a character you want painted you can ask, but remember you’ll also give me the permission to use it commercially. Since I at least 5+ hours of unpaid work in to your character, I think that’s only fair.

Can we be friends? 🙂 

Sure! However, I have very little time on my hands and I don’t have time to chat back and forth in short messages. If you want us to interact, you can find me in my comment sections! 😀

Im also working on setting up a discord server! 

Looking for